About Us

Delsa Inc is a formerly Delsa Chemicals and Multi-Products, Inc. and a Joint Venture by a Filipino entrepreneur, Mr. Jesus V. Del Rosario popularly known as “Mr. J.”, SIIX Corp. (formerly Sakata Inx, Ltd) and Daikin Industries, Ltd both of Japan. It started its operation under Delsa Industrial Corporation a Motorcycle manufacturer as Other Product Division (OPD), the sole distributor of Daiflon Gas in the Philippines.

Delsa Industrial Corp. changed its Company name last November 7, 1980 to Kawasaki Motors Phils.Corp. and OPD as spin-off and it was named as Delsa Chemicals & Multi-Products, Inc. In january 2017, the company changed it name to: DELSA, INC.

Delsa celebrate its 1st year anniversary November 6, 1981 and ventured into other product expansion including can sealing compound for tin cans, crown cap sealing compound, mold release agent for plastic and duplicating inks.

Five years after (1986) Delsa markets not only refrigerants but also complete compressors assemblies and compressor control units. This compressor line was extended to refrigerant supplies such as rubber insulation and various electrical parts allied to this equipment. In 1987 thermal paper was introduced, this product line belongs to the communication automation industry where it is now widely used.

The year 1990 became significant for the Company when it dominately controlled the sales for the original equipment manufacturer like Concepcion Industries, Sanyo, Matsushita Electric Corp. and the after sales service group like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

In 1991 Delsa and SIIX venture in other traded products to supply the demand of the existing market

Delsa Milestone for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

1968 Founded Delsa: Started Refrigerant Daikin 1985 Launched the Domestic Compressors 1990 Introduced Copper Products & Installation Parts 1992 Pioneered the Introduction of Ozone Friendly Refrigerants 1996 Introduction of Lubricant Oils (Japan Sun Oil) 2000 Partnered with Danfoss Compressors and Line Refrigeration Controls 2002 INSTALLATION AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT 2004 Introduced Evaporators (Chillers/Freezers) 2007 Danfoss Water Valves & VLT Drives (EEP) 2010 Introduced Refrigerated Panels & Launched Danfoss Scrolltech and Performer Compressors.

DELSA Inc is part of the larger JVR Group of Companies:

  • Kawasaki Motors (Phils) Corp.
  • Panasonic Manufacturing (Phils) Corp.
  • International Elevator and Escalator
  • International Wiring Systems Phils. Corp.
  • Trimotors Technology Corp.
  • Emcor Inc.
  • Kservico Trade, Inc.
  • Wodel Financial, Inc.
  • J-del Investments & Management Corp.
  • KS Prime Financial Corporation
  • CTFSI Commercial Trade Financial Services, Inc.


To be the most trusted, progressive and world class company which provides the latest cooling technology to the Philippine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry.


We recognized our responsibilities to our country, which is still under developed. We must devote ourselves to the further development of the Philippines by providing our customers with quality products sourced from highly recognized manufacturers around the world; and with technical services compliant to the latest in green-technology global practice. To attain this mission, we dedicate ourselves to progress and to develop ourselves through continuous appreciation in science and technology and become a model company.


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